April 22, 2023 Comp 4pm - 7pm Raffle at 7:30pm

Sections – competitors choose one of three levels in which to compete

  • Recreational – regularly climbs red, orange and yellow (on V scale, VB – V3)
  • Intermediate – regularly climbs green, blue and purple (on V scale, V2 – V6)
  • Advanced – regularly climbs white and black

Scorecards and scoring

  • Each competitor should fill out their scorecard with their name and preferred gender, and circle the level they’re climbing. 
  • One observer (friend, family member or someone standing in line with you) must put in a tally mark for an attempt, and an initial in the box for completed problems. Important- if you flash a problem, do NOT put a tally in the box for attempts. You can also write in FLASHED to make this clear. 
  • Final scores are calculated by adding up the top three highest scored routes completed. Ties will be broken by counting attempts, and if necessary, the number of attempts on easier or harder problems. 
  • Ranking will be listed as Overall, Mens, and Womens. Top finisher prizes will be awarded to the top three climbers in M/W for each of the three categories, for a total of 18 finisher prizes. On their scorecard, every climber can write in their preferred gender. Once all top climbers have been scored, any climber who has not chosen M or W will indicate in which group they prefer to be scored – M or W – and their score will be included per that preference.
  • Once a climber has finished the problems at their level, they are free to attempt problems that are outside of their category. However they do not receive points or raffle tickets for problems completed outside their level. 

If a climber is flashing all problems and wants to be included in the next level up, simply cross out the original level chosen, and circle the desired level.

To finish a boulder problem and get points, the climber must

  • Establish on marked start holds
  • Use only holds of the designated color for the problem, Volumes and aretes are on
  • Control the finish
  • If there is a spinner or other technical issue the attempt does not count; please alert staff and/or routesetters immediately

When finished climbing, each competitor takes their card to the front desk for scoring. Staff will enter scores in the gym’s score sheet and confirm with initials on the scorecard that the score has been entered. At this time the competitor should bring up any questions or concerns. Once the scorecard is handed back (as a fun souvenir!) no more changes will be made to scores or rankings.


Raffle tickets can be earned in the following ways

  • Visit vendor and community partner tables
  • Purchase tickets from vendors and community partners
  • Compete in the competition and receive one ticket per boulder problem completed. (a climber may receive tickets only for problems completed in their chosen level)
  • Must be present to win
  • All raffle tickets should be deposited in a container that is marked for the desired prize (see display on site during the competition)