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Mar 2

Member Appreciation Night

We’ll have the following in store for you-
Injury Prevention Workshop with Kenny Romero (pre register today, just a few spots left)
Yummy snacks and drinks for all!!
Fun new Routes!
We’ll see you Thursday night, and Stay Adventurous!

Mar 2

Injury Prevention Workshop

Kenny Romero

Do you have tight hips or tight low back? In this workshop you will learn about the muscles of the hip and core. You will learn how to balance your hips and core so that you can have full range of motion and reduce your potential for injury. I attached a couple pictures if you’re interested in using them. 

Class cost $5

Mar 4

Free Community Yoga

Join us for an entry-level vinyasa class at 11am at Rock Haven Climbing Gym. Open to all, no membership required for this class.

Mar 9

Climb with the Setters

Have you ever wondered about routesetting design, and the creativity that goes up on our walls week after week? Join the Rock Haven setting team for a session of climbing and an opportunity to learn more about routesetting.

Mar 16

Women and Non-binary Meetup

A new meetup for women and non-binary people, join us!


Tenaya shoe demo