Employees who bring a positive attitude to work have a positive impact on those around them and improve the energy in the team
More than two-thirds of recruiters across all industries say communication is the most important skill they look for. Good verbal and written communication skills are often thought of as a given, but not everyone can communicate effectively in one or both. Make sure the candidates you consider have proven effective communication skills
Nearly three-fourths of employers rated teamwork and collaboration as “very important,” according to a Queens University survey. Every employee you hire should be able to work confidently and effectively within a group. The ability to work with others is an important quality to look for when you are evaluating candidates, even if they will not have to work on a team all the time,
Good employees show up and do their work. Great employees are motivated and passionate about their work. As Daniel Pink explains in his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, “It is not how much money we make that ultimately makes us happy between nine-to-five. It is whether our work fulfills us.”
Hard skills attained through education are not enough for good employees – they’re open minded to new ideas, and they share their thoughts and personal insights with the team.
Some jobs offer a lot of variety while others are more predictable. But even employees in routine jobs should be flexible to be able to adjust quickly when something does not go as planned.
When employees have a clear, personal career plan or goal in mind, they’re not under the assumption that their employer will drive their career for them, so they strive for advancement