Rock Haven Climbing

Strength & Conditioning

Welcome to training with purpose!

One of the most common questions we get is how to get stronger for climbing. While we believe that bouldering with consistency is one of the best ways to get stronger, there’s no reason why a sensible cross-training workout can’t have a positive effect on your climbing and physical fitness.

What do we love most about our strength and conditioning classes? Many of the routines are specifically put together to compliment movement patterns found in bouldering. They target opposing muscle groups to help you avoid overuse injuries. They also strengthen your climbing through movement patterns that closely mimic what you do while you boulder.

Strength and conditioning isn’t just about stronger muscles. Our classes help with balance, counterbalance, and aerobic endurance. Join one of our group classes and get motivated to improve your climbing through sensible cross-training.

Together, we climb.

We like to have fun, and we know there’s nothing wrong with a good pun.