Rock Haven Climbing

Upcoming events

Summer Camp Open House

Our Open House is free for all, so bring a friend! 

If you sign up for a summer camp on or before that day, you’ll get 10% off our listed rate.

If you mention our Open House and tag @RockHavenClimbing on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll get an additional 10% off your sign up!

June 3, 1m - 3pm

Boulder League

Hey Rock Haven members! We’re setting up a bouldering league where climbers can compete, chillax, vibe on the mat, climb at your own pace, come together for a party, make new friends, and ultimately participate in some shenanigans as we pull on plastic! If you’re interested, the details are outlined below:

  • The first three sessions will be on Tuesdays (6/6, 6/13, & 6/20) from 6pm-9pm.
  • On Tuesday (6/27) from 6pm-9pm we will have a finals round in addition to a party & raffle for all those who participated!
  • Members and Nonmembers are welcome, but you must be at least 17+ years old.
  • $10 per member and $49 per nonmember.

Loco por la aventura

Get hooked on bouldering with us, with our basic course on the most popular climbing discipline. After the class, you will enjoy climbing on some of the most unique terrain in Portland and a high-energy/fun dance session.

Engánchate con nosotros al boulder, con nuestro curso básico sobre la disciplina más popular de la escalada. Luego de la clase, disfrutarás de una sesión de baile muy divertida.

June 13, 7pm-9pm