Rock Haven Climbing

Why Rock Haven?

Climbing can instill confidence and optimism and help people grow in ways they never thought possible. For some it is a grounding and calming experience, the fluidity of movement and symbiosis of mind and body, working in unison to move through a route. For others, climbing provides a platform to overcome fears, challenging the notion that humans were meant to have two feet on the ground. Others enjoy climbing for the social aspects, gathering with old friends or making new ones within a supportive community. Whatever your reason, Rock Haven was designed for you.

Our Purpose

To provide you with a supportive community of climbers, partners, and friends who will actively work to promote health, wellness, overcoming fears, and do good in our environment.

Our Core Values

    • Provide Support – Whether you’re a beginner just trying to get a grip or a hippy climber at heart, we have a boulder problem for you to solve. Education and safety are the heart of our organization and we know that better education and support will lead to more adventure and inspiration.
    • Be a Source of Adventure – Be bold, brave, and ready to embrace the unknown. We know you have an adventurous side (even if you don’t know it yet) and we will be here to support you in finding it! 

Started With a Dream

For two decades Rock Haven had only existed in the mind of the founders. Ask any of Bill's friends or family and they’ll tell you that he’s talked about building a climbing gym for as long as most have known him. The same goes for Jen, Igor, and Travis. In the early days, they all filled books with sketches of climbing walls and gear shops and notes of services the facility would offer. They all, separately, envisioned a place where people could challenge the limits of their minds and bodies, conquer fears, and grow within a supportive community of climbers.

That Became a Vision

Rock Haven remained a concept for many years until Bill, Jen and Igor Zelen all met. They quickly discovered their shared passion for climbing, their collective dream, and mutual interest in making climbing accessible to as many people as possible. With a similar vision, the group soon brought on Bill’s long-time friend, Travis. He and Bill discussed many of their intentions to enter the industry while climbing together throughout the country. And so, the four-person partnership had begun. It felt natural as they were all driven to help others experience the same benefits from the sport of climbing that they had.

And Now a Reality

There have been countless hours of brainstorming sessions, design work, and construction to make Rock Haven a reality. However, it was the team work, collaboration, and premium partnerships that brought Rock Haven to life. While the original ideas have evolved, the foundation and purpose that started the dream, as well as the core values that sparked the vision, can be felt throughout the entire facility. Come and explore Rock Haven!

Thank you to all of our Partners and Vendors