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Rocks were made to be climbed, our bodies were made to move, and our Haven was created for those that want to go boulder—whether you are a first-timer or an expert, with over 18,000sqft of bouldering adventures, we have a route for everyone along with weights, cardio, and classes. 

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Youth Recreational Team:

We’re starting a climbing team! Our Youth Rec Team is focused on skill acquisition and developing a love for climbing! This program is for youth ages 8-18 and is open to all levels of climbing experience.

Yoga classes:

Move, breathe, and flow with Alisa in this faster paced “yang” yoga practice that will help improve flexibility and strength. Join Jana for a full body stretch with a focus on breath and form. Release stress and tension while becoming more flexible.

Birthday Party:

Plan your birthday adventure or team-building event today with Rock Haven! Three exciting packages make your event easy and fun. 

We have a Haven for you

Welcome to our climbing community, where calluses are celebrated, chalk is part of the uniform, and routes are never the same.

This is where fears are faced and falling means you’re learning. No matter who you are, you can feel at home in a haven of your very own.


6,000 square feet of inspiring bouldering walls - all levels welcome, new bouldering problems set daily.


Yoga & Fitness Classes

Balance your mind & body. Get away from the grind. Unless you're into that sort of thing. Then, grind away in a strength & conditioning class.


Weights & Cardio

1,500 square feet of free weights, machines, functional training, cardio, and finger boards.


Events & Parties

Interested in hosting a Corporate event or Birthday Party, we have the space for you! Call us for all details 503-512-5511


Gear & Rentals

Suit up with Rock Haven gear, or grab an extra bag of chalk. We provide (for sale or rent) all the essentials you need to get started.

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