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Rock Haven Climbing

Rock Haven Gym Rules

At Rock Haven, we love bringing the joy and adventure of climbing to the community, while keeping you and others in the facility safe. To help this happen, we have a few gym rules we kindly ask you to follow. Thanks and let’s go boulder!

Be Respectful

  1. All people are welcome to climb and observe climbing here. Please respect your fellow climbers and our shared space.
  2. Wait your turn to get on a route – no pushing, shoving, or cuts allowed. If you see someone standing in front of a boulder problem, they’re probably getting ready to jump on the wall. Go ahead and ask them if you’re unsure.
  3. Regarding photography, while everyone loves a good selfie, please try to keep others who are not part of your group out of them.

Entering the Gym

  1. All members and observers must check in at the front desk before proceeding into the facility.
  2. Store your stuff in designated areas or lock it up in the locker room – just remember to take it home with you. Rock Haven is not liable for any lost or stolen items.
  3. Boulder problems are rated by color, with different colors denoting increasing levels of difficulty. Throughout the gym, we have posted the color wheel for you to reference. For example, holds for our beginner problems are the color red. You will know that any routes with red holds are the easier routes in the gym.

Climbing Area Rules

  1. Remember Bouldering is different than other forms of climbing primarily because of the shorter height of the walls but the risk that every fall is a ground fall. While it can be safe and great fun, it’s important to keep in mind some simple rules to keep you and others around you climbing for years to come.
  2. Watch above and all around you for falling climbers even if you are walking on the concrete path . – Film on arch
  3. Watch out for kiddos who may forget about these rules from time-to-time!  Speaking of kids, there are a few age restrictions in some climbing and workout areas of the gym. Kids under 3 years old may be in the building but are not allowed to climb and must be with their parent at all times. Kids ages 3 through 7 years can climb in the family area with a spotter ***Parents must be in arms length*** Kids ages 8 through 13 years old can climb in the rest of the gym with adult supervision. And those 14+ years old can climb on their own with parent or legal guardian authorization.
  4. Climbing shoes only on the mats and walls. Also, please wear appropriate clothing at all times – yes, that means shirts stay on. If you forgot any of these items, we have an ample supply of all you would need to get back out there.
  5. Loose chalk may be used but must be kept in buckets and away from climbing walls and fall zones.
  6. Don’t spew beta (tips on how to complete a route), solving the puzzle is part of the fun.

When Climbing

  1. Always wait your turn and only start your problem once the person in front of you has downclimbed
  2. Don’t ever climb under or over someone
  3. DOWNCLIMB on gray rungs – please do not jump from any boulder no matter the height
  4. Only top out in designated top-out areas

How to Fall

  1. Feet first if you can, then squat and roll onto your back with your chin tucked
  2. Don’t reach behind you when you land – this can result in sprained or broken wrists or arms!

How to Spot 

  1. Ask first, not everyone needs or wants a spotter
  2. Keep an eye out for for the safety of your climber
  3. Keep your thumbs in
  4. Protect their head first
  5. Direct them to the mat more than lessening the impact of their fall
  6. NO catching people

Weight Room Rules

  1. No one under 14 years old allowed in this area
  2. Please, re-rack your weights – don’t drop them
  3. Clean up your space and use our designated cleaning stations to wipe off the equipment

Normal Stuff

  1. No running, no excessive screaming, no foul language
  2. No smoking anywhere within 15 feet of the building
  3. No steroids or drugs of any kind

OK, that’s it for the formal stuff, now, be safe and supportive of others and go boulder!