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Frequently Asked Questions

All ages are welcome to come in and watch climbing after viewing our safety video, signing a liability waiver, and checking in at the front desk. All spectators, unless spotting, must stay off the pads and in designated spectator areas or on concrete pathways through the gym. For those who plan to climb, please follow these guidelines for those under the age of 18:

0 – 36 months of age – You must be physically contained or attached to an adult. Sorry, no climbing or weights for you… just yet! Please, keep in mind there’s a lot of chalk in the air. Even with our HVAC system and high-tech filters, you could be inhaling these particles and that might not be the best idea for your developing lungs.

3 through 6 years old* – You may climb with an adult spotter. This adult parent/guardian/coach must be with you at all times and within an arm’s length. You may climb freely in the family climbing area but may not yet venture out into the main/lower boulder field, climbing areas, or use weights and cardio equipment.

7 through 13 years old* – You may climb in the entire gym with parent/guardian/coach supervision in the immediate vicinity. You can use cardio equipment for warm-up purposes only and must limit that time to 10 minutes. Sorry, no weights or weight machines for you, yet. We need to protect those epiphyseal growth plates to keep you growing tall and reaching new heights.

14 through 17 years old* – You may climb, lift, or do cardio on your own after completing a Bouldering 101 class and obtaining your parents’ formal authorization and acceptance of your risk.

*While our Bouldering 101 class is only required after age 14 to climb on your own, it is highly recommended that all minors take the class and are authorized by a staff member to climb at the respective level noted above. The only exceptions allowed to any of the rules above are made by managerial staff and are for those youth involved in some sort of formalized climbing program, camp, competitive team, or organization that offers additional safety, technique, and etiquette training. As with all climbers, all youth are required to abide by the gym rules and may be asked to leave at any time for disruptive or unsafe behavior.

Yup. Everyone who enters our facility needs to watch our safety video and fill out a waiver in order to enter the gym. This includes all guests, parents, day pass users, members, vendors, and spectators. Bouldering and climbing is a wonderful sport that also has a high risk of falling. Those falls can hurt both the climber and the innocent bystander or person walking nearby if they are unaware of fall zones. For all climbers and non-climber spectators and guests, this is a process you can easily complete online by clicking the link at the top of our web page or filling out a waiver in the gym. Bouldering can be dangerous and we want to ensure you are properly aware of the hazards.

Yes, we rent shoes, chalk bags, and yoga mats. For a list of prices please check out our membership page. 

Absolutely. Corporate gatherings, team building events, birthday parties, socials, and more are all welcome. We have the space and private rooms to provide a positive experience for any type of event. Simply call or fill out our contact form for more information. (503) 512-5511 

We also offer specialty classes, member-only events, and more. You can find this information on our class pages

A government-issued photo ID & payment method. Climbing shoes (which can be rented from the front desk) and a shirt is necessary along with respect for all climbers. An adventurous attitude is also highly encouraged.

New to the Climbing

Heck no! We have routes to climb for all levels. Beginners welcome and if you need help getting on the wall, our staff will show you how.

It’s fun. It’s a solid workout. You can boulder for strength training, cardiovascular training, flexibility, cross-training, or improving all sport performance. It’s easy to get into because there is a minimal amount of gear needed to do it. Typically you’re climbing routes much shorter than roped climbing. All you need is a solid pair of shoes and some chalk to keep your hands from getting too sweaty and you’re off to new heights!

A belay is used in rope climbing when one partner has you secured to the other end of the rope through some sort of belay device. No need to worry about those here though as our Gresham location is just bouldering.

Follow the rainbow! Our routes are all color coded from red to violet (pink, white and black are at the end) starting with red being the easiest routes to jump on and black as the hardest.

A pair of climbing shoes are required for being on the walls. You may want some chalk too. Otherwise just wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move your body in its fullest range of motion. This could be athletic apparel, or your favorite pair of stretchy jeans and a T-shirt.

Chalk helps to absorb the sweat from your hands and enables you to stick to the wall better. It’s highly encouraged for safety, but not required. Please do not climb with any loose chalk in chalk bags worn around your waist. Unfortunately, more often than one would think, this chalk ends up all over the floor and in the air more than it does on one’s hands. So, please use a chalk sock (available for sale or rent up front) or just keep all your loose chalk in buckets on the concrete surfaces (NOT on the pads). Thank you!

Absolutely, that’s the great thing about bouldering. Whether you are climbing solo, on a date, with a friend, family, or group, bouldering does not require another partner to belay you at the other end of a rope.

Only for your own safety it is recommended that you understand your body and its limitations. We believe there’s a climber in everyone, and as always with athletic activities and those with questions about their health, if you are unsure, check with your doctor first.

Membership and Account

You can join online on our membership page, or simply bring your photo ID and a form of payment (Debit card or Visa/MC) to the front desk and we’ll get you all set up

Yes! We know stuff comes up, so all unlimited members can freeze their membership. You can pick the date to put your membership on hold and we’ll send you a reminder a couple weeks before your plan resumes.

Please do! Because our memberships are so affordable we only offer free Guest Passes to members once a month. Please note that guest passes cannot be used when a membership is frozen, but they can be used for the same person once a month.

Every 14 days memberships are paid in full up front, so there is ongoing billing. All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable

In person at the Front Desk, Online in My Account, or through the Rock Haven App.

Membership can be canceled at any time with 3 days of written notice to Rock Haven either online using the Update Membership link, by e-mailing, by written notice delivered via mail, or in person with staff at the gym. Your Agreement will terminate as of the end of the billing period falling 3 days after your written cancellation notice. You will retain access to your membership until the termination date of any time period already paid for.

You can reach out via email, social media, phone at (503) 512-5511, or simply stop in for a chat.

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