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Rock Haven Climbing

Giving Back

Since opening the doors in 2022, Rock Haven Climbing has been a company that benefits the community in which we operate and the people who live here. Our founders went into business with the firm belief that climbing is a sport and a lifestyle that everyone should have access to, regardless of finances, age, athletic ability or any other barriers.

Here are just a few of our partnerships and projects that we’ve put in place as a way to give back to the local community.

Climbing Team and Youth Bouldering Class Scholarships

We offer several full or partial scholarships to youth who want to climb on our team but are unable to do so due to financial barriers. The youth season is approximately the same as the school year, and a scholarship is good for one season (and can be reapplied for the next year). Our climbing team is open to ages 8-18 so families with avid young climbers are welcome to talk to our coaches for more information. For younger climbers, we have a limited number of class scholarships available as well.

Climbing Team Practice Reciprocity

In the spirit of supporting youth climbers, we offer free climbing sessions to youth climbing teams. Beginning fall of ‘23, any climbing team looking to practice in our gym may do so for free as often as once per month. We just ask that they give us a couple days’ notice, come in as a group and that coaches attend with their climbers. Any teams interested in a practice, please reach out!

Camp Scholarships

For kids who love climbing, games and making friends, our Summer, Winter and Spring Break camps are the perfect way to experience this. We offer full or partial scholarships to families similar to those for climbing team.

The Travel Boulder

During the summer months, families can get a taste of bouldering at local events including the Gresham Arts Fest, Rock the Block in Rockwood, the Sandy Mountain Fest, Troutdale Art Walk and Movie Nights. We built and have staffed a travel boulder complete with crash pads to bring bouldering to the community, and typically offer families free or discounted passes to try out the gym on a future day of their choosing.

Partnerships with local non profit organizations

We partner with local non profits in a variety of ways, including:

  • Hosting fundraisers in the gym and sharing the event revenue with our partner org
  • Co-marketing in the gym and on our social media
  • Donations of gym swag and day passes to outside fundraisers for school groups and others
  • Sharing revenue from many of our events with a non profit partner

Links to just a few of our non profit partners, among many-

  • Project Send It
    the Portland branch of an organization that works to help kids fund team and competition fees and generally gain access to climbing opportunities.
  • Thimbleberry Collaborative Farm
    A local organic teaching farm creating sustainable and healthy food systems, and educating students on how to grow healthy food
  • Loco por la Aventura
    An organization Inspiring education, equity, and engagement in outdoor activities for the Latino community

City of Gresham Community Days and Teen Nights

In partnership with the City of Gresham, we are able to offer programming for local residents several times a month that increases access for new climbers of all ages.