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Rock Haven Climbing

First Visit

Welcome to Rock Haven

Whether you are a bouldering rookie or an expert climber, we’ve got routes for you! If you’re just starting out, our gym staff, known as Guides, are more than happy to help. They’ll get you checked in, decide on a day pass or membership, and help you with your rentals or purchase of climbing shoes and chalk. We offer a free bouldering orientation with some technique and safety tips so that you can navigate around the gym like a pro!

Prepare for your first visit

To maximize your safety and stoke, everyone entering our gym (regardless of whether you’re climbing or not) needs to verify they’ve watched our safety video and understand the rules of the gym with a digital waiver created online. Minors must have their waiver signed by their parent or court-appointed guardian. After that, it’s pretty simple, just pick your membership option and click away.

Step 1 –Watch our safety video. Yes, even if you’re not climbing, everyone must watch. CLICK HERE

Step 2 –Follow the prompts and Fill our a waiver (in the same link as the waiver above)

Step 3 – Look at our membership options on our “Membership” page above, then click the “Buy Now” button to get climbing.

If you have any questions throughout the process, don’t hesitate to call us or email using the contact information below

What to bring on your first visit

These five MUST-HAVES are needed to get started

  1. An attitude of kindness and respect to all those in our community.
  2. A government-issued photo ID & Payment method to verify your account before adding a picture to your profile. Note: if you don’t want your photo taken, then you must bring your ID with you on every visit.
  3. Climbing shoes and a shirt – Both required on the walls; shoes available for rent or sale.
  4. Closed-toe shoes for the fitness areas.
  5. Chalk bags are not required, but if you do have chalk, then loose chalk can only be in buckets and you must have a chalk sock for use with chalk bags.

Need more support

We offer free a Bouldering Orientation that covers all you need to get started, as well as a range of other education and safety classes. From our Bouldering 101 and 201 classes, to individual training and coaching, our programs are all designed with the intent to help you climb better for the long-haul.

BTW, our members are awesome! This climbing community is welcoming, friendly and always open to helping one another out. Don’t hesitate to ask someone for a tip (or we call it “beta”) if you get stuck. 

We are here for you

We are excited to be part of your climbing journey. Come climb with us. For more info check out our FAQs, or give us a call at 503-512-5511