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Rock Haven Climbing


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Get ready for adventure and fun with our climbing membership options.

We’ve got choices for everyone – day passes, punchcards if you’re climbing more often and want to save some $$, and of course our memberships- monthly EFT or annual- are the best deal of all. We’ve got a plan for you!

We’ve got the best boulders around and tons of classes and events.. yoga, fitness, foam rolling, everything you need to balance your workouts, and fun stuff like move nights and member parties. Join our community today!

Where climbing meets community.

Welcome to our climbing community, where calluses are celebrated, chalk is part of the uniform, and routes are never the same.


6,000 square feet of inspiring bouldering walls - all levels welcome, new bouldering problems set daily.

Yoga & Fitness Classes

Balance your mind & body. Get away from the grind. Unless you're into that sort of thing. Then, grind away in a strength & conditioning class.

Weights & Cardio

1,500 square feet of free weights, machines, functional training, cardio, and finger boards.

Gear & Rentals

Suit up with Rock Haven gear, or grab an extra bag of chalk. We provide (for sale or rent) all the essentials you need to get started.

Bring Your Friends

As a member, you get one Guest Pass per month to use on anyone.

Events & Parties

Interested in hosting a Corporate event or Birthday Party, we have the space for you! Call us for all details