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Rock Haven Climbing

Routesetting at Rock Haven

“Building a better world one route at a time.”

Meet Our Routesetters

New routes and boulder problems every week, of wide-ranging difficulty The average age of a climb is roughly 4-6 weeks before it is replaced with a new challenge Every set is unique and subject to the creativity of our routesetters

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Whether you’re just trying to get the hang of things or you want to brush up on your fundamentals, this wall is a great place to start, with approachable angles, bigger holds, and simpler routes. It’s perfect for all ages!
Calling all climbers, we have a route for you. Head over to the Corner Wall and try your hand at overcoming the crux. You’ll need a good pinch and a slick rock-over to send these routes.
Traverse all 360° or top out and enjoy the view. Whatever you choose, these routes range from easy to hard and everything in between. Put your technique to the test and hang out on this roof. Bragging rights go to whoever can turn the lip.
Get up close and personal with this wall, featuring everything from small grips to jugs, surrounded by protruding rock faces.
For newbies and experts alike! This east side wall has everything you need with an easy way out if you get stuck.
Great for building finger strength and stamina. Hang out and take your climbing to a new level

If you have any questions please email us at or call the front desk at (503) 512-5511