Rock Haven Climbing

Youth Climbing Team

Do it for the adventure of the climb.

Our climbing team is open to ages 8-18 and has both a recreational and competitive option. Kids and teens who climb on our rec team build skills and endurance, climb regularly with their teammates and have opportunities to climb at other gyms and outside (optional).

Team members interested in competing will do all of the above, plus train specifically to compete at local area youth competitions sponsored by USA Climbing. Those who rank high enough at local competitions may progress to Regional, Divisional and National levels.

What do you need? Comfortable clothes to train in, climbing shoes and chalk. Climbing shoes can be purchased or rented; team members get discounts on shoes and gear.

Competition fees: there is a fee to join USA Climbing as a competitor and fees for each competition, we will provide fundraising opportunities and scholarships where possible to support those wishing to compete. More information available by talking to coaches or email us at

Practice times: Tues and Thurs 4:30-6pm
Sept 18 – Dec 16
Jan through Mar 31
April 1 – June 20

Climbing team lasts the entire school year, however we understand that kids and teens may have other commitments. Your child or teen may join at any time but we ask that they commit to staying through the end of the quarter.

Cost: $89 per month with active membership
Non member $119 per month
Sibling discount 50%

A membership is encouraged because team members will benefit most if they can come in and climb on non practice days. We want them to climb for fun, and the best way to get good at climbing is to climb several days of the week.